“You do great work, Gerry — the best I’ve ever seen! I believe that if you can’t get it done, nobody can!”
— Neale Donald Walsch
“Conversations With God” and 23 other books, including “Tomorrow’s God” and “What God Wants” (2005)
Ashland, Oregon

“Your level of commitment and professionalism, combined with really knowing who we are and what we do, make all the difference in the world. I always feel well represented by you. We are very pleased with the work you’ve done and grateful for the results you’ve achieved!”
— Raz Ingrasci
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hoffman Institute
San Anselmo, California

“We’re known throughout the world for our mission, commitment, integrity and standards. Thank you very much, Gerry, for clearly articulating all these qualities for us, and for bringing these same qualities to New Spirituality Communications and expressing them in all the work you do!”
— Maggie Oyen
Co-founder and Director
September 11, 2001, Children’s Fund
Red Hook, New York

“Your strategic understanding, your creative insights, your incredible communication skills and your countless other talents add up to a priceless resource for our organization! Thank you very much, Gerry, for everything you bring to the table and for the great work you do for us!”
— Steve Farrell
Executive Director
Humanity’s Team
Redwood City, California

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